Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 6 Determination English


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Miraculous Season 5 Episode 6 Determination

French (Dub) Pela-primeira-vez-a-v-ronique-ser-Akumatizada-ser-que-ela-ser-uma-vil-Boa-ou-ruim-C-chatnoirnews-dox

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 6 Synopsis

Adrien and Marinette reflect on their emotions. As Marinette struggles to persuade herself that she must stop loving Adrien since it is interfering with her performance as a superhero, she learns that she has feelings for another boy (Catnoir) who has undergone significant transformation recently. Still, Adriene is more drawn to Marinette. Could it be that she was more than simply a friend? He has no idea that by inviting Marinette out, he will set off a storm of emotions that will alter their lives.


This episode is dedicated to Veronique Berecz the Manager of Grévin Museum.

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