This Episode will be released today. There are many sides to Luka. Sure, he’s Juleka’s twin brother, but he’s also like a big brother to his friends, including Marinette and Adrien.


Bob Roth gets akumatized.

As season 5 is Kwami Themed Monarch will give the Powers of Horse Miraculous (Migration) to Bob Roth.

My theory for Migration

I just watched the trailer for “Mirgration” and I’m really happy because there’s finally a new episode to watch. It is not difficult to see from the teaser that Bob Roth gave Kitty Section some fake contracts to cheat their feelings. How could Anarka, who loved her son like her life, she threw him directly into the water. Then Bob Roth akumatized into what appeared to be a much weakened “Moolak” with Kaalki’s teleportation superpower. How should I put it, I hope this episode can be interesting, because there are a few episodes that feel boring.

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